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About the Database


The SAI Capacity Development Database aims to provide a consolidated overview of capacity development support to the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) community, building on the previous INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee Directory (CBC Directory).





The database aims to enhance coordination of support to SAIs from development partners, thereby contributing to increased efficiency and effectiveness. The database will provide up-to-date information on support provided to SAIs by Donors, peers within the INTOSAI community and other service providers. If used to its fullest potential, this will increase awareness of ongoing and planned SAI support, prevent potential duplications of efforts, facilitate support to those SAIs that do not receive any support currently, and  promote joint development interventions that may reduce the transaction costs of the recipient SAIs.


The database will also be used as a baseline tool for developing analysis regarding support to the SAI community. Such analysis may for instance include developments in the levels of financial support to the SAI community, the degree to which support is based on strategic plans, geographical distribution of support, levels of south-south cooperation and peer-to-peer support, and support provided within various support categories.




Target users and providers of data


For the database to serve the above mentioned purposes, it is open to the wider public and accessible to all relevant stakeholders. Information on all forms of support provided to the SAI community, whether it be financial, in-kind or peer-to-peer support, should be included in the database. For coordination purposes both planned and ongoing projects should be included.


Potential providers of information to the database comprise all donors, SAIs, INTOSAI regions/sub regions as well as other service providers. In order to ease the burden on SAIs receiving support, donors and SAI providers of support are encouraged to take the lead in adding information to the database. It is however recommended that these coordinate with the beneficiary organizations to ensure the data they enter are accurate.


Providers of data will be given user rights and are requested to enter the information into the database directly. When the information has been entered, the database administrator (the IDI) will provide quality assurance of the data and subsequently publish it.


The information entered should be updated regularly to ensure relevance and be consulted prior to initiating new support. Users are encouraged to ensure that the information entered is as complete as possible, both by registering all relevant projects and by entering comprehensive information on each project.


A detailed description on how to access the databank and how to register information can be found in the user guide.


Users are encouraged to provide feedback on interface and user-friendliness of the databank (please provide feedback to