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Frequently Asked Questions


Registering Projects – Questions to the Registration Form

·          How do I determine the “Beneficiary Level” of my project?

Global Level = The project targets an INTOSAI Committee or Working Group, or several individual SAIs in more than one region
INTOSAI Regional Level = The project targets an INTOSAI Regional Working Group/Sub Group, or several individual SAIs within a single region
Country level = The project targets one individual SAI

·          Should I include only financial support, or also in-kind support (for example the use of advisors)?

If possible, please include both financial and in-kind support. Please explain in the narrative what kind of support the budget figure includes.

·          Should I include completed projects, or only ongoing and planned projects?

The main aim of the database is to coordinate ongoing and planned activities, and you are therefore encouraged to prioritize providing information on planned and ongoing projects. If you deem it useful for coordination purposes, you are however welcome to enter information on completed projects as well. Please contact if you would like to have projects transferred from the previous CBC Directory to the SAI Capacity Development Database.

·          When should I provide information on planned projects; when they are proposed, planned or after they have been approved?

Please include projects that are expected to be initialized within the next three years and where a formal agreement has been entered into. Project proposals submitted under the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Global Call for proposals are registered on to the database by the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat.

In the case of planned projects that cannot be published until the donor organization has officially launched the project/programme, the user can register the project without naming the donor organization/provider of support until he/she gets clearance to publish it; the user can put the INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat as contact institution. This way, visitors can get to know about planned projects at specific countries and try to coordinate support accordingly without compromising the user’s registration of the project.

·          My organization is cooperating with (an)other organization(s) in delivering the project. Who should enter information on the project into the database?

You are kindly asked to coordinate with your partners so all the organizations involved in the project are familiar with the information added. As long as the information provided is as complete and accurate as possible, it does not matter which organization enters it into the database.

Registering Projects – Other Questions

·          I am not able to save or submit a project. Nothing seems to happen when I click “OK” at the bottom of the registration form.

Please make sure all required fields (marked with a red star) are filled out correctly. They must all be completed before you can save or submit a project. Please note that the budget figure field can only contain numeric characters, i.e. no text.

·          I want to register a project that came out of another project which is already in the database, can I still register it even if it is a double entry?

Yes you can register the project; but please mind that double entries are allowed only with projects that are “partly supported”. For example, we can find 3 projects in the database that came out of one proposal from the Global Call for Proposals (GCP) as this has been partly supported by different organizations. Please note that most important is to add the link of the related project (in this example, it would be the initial proposal from the GCP) when you register your entry.

·          I am not able to edit my project, it requests approval from the administration; should I wait for the database administrator to approve or should I email them?

We kindly suggest you to email us at so we can help you right away.

If you need further assistance or would like to provide feedback, please contact the INTOSAI Development Initiative at